Prepare to set off a bit earlier for your annual IKEA trip; an upcoming IKEA esports range may add a few hours to your shop.

Swedish furniture manufacturer, and producer of delicious meatballs, IKEA, recently announced their entry into the esports furniture market.

The announcement comes at a time when the esports furniture market has few competitors providing cheap products; as the market is aimed more at the professional gamer.

UNYQ & Area Academy

The IKEA esports product line was announced in partnership with medical wearable designers, UNYQ, and educational esports organisers, Area Academy.

UNYQ plan to offer customers the opportunity to scan themselves, ensuring the products they receive will be ergonomic and custom.

Area Academy offers learning resources to schools and organisations, and look to provide research and awareness for the development of this new IKEA esports furniture line.

What can we expect?

IKEA Today - Screenshot (Chair)

IKEA Today – Youtube Screenshot:

The focus of these esports oriented products are threefold:

  • Promote healthy posture, temperature regulation, and player wellbeing (especially during those all night gaming binges)
  • Give your hands/neck/back/butt a comfortably ergonomic experience.
  • Develop cheaper industry products, in these earlier stages of esports growth

Esports is still in its early evolutions, with most products being offered at prices tailored for the enthusiast, not the average player.

IKEA esports products aim to establish themselves for their quality – while the industry develops.

They will then have the opportunity to utilise their research and development from this product line, elsewhere.

Eventually, we may see IKEA produce quality, affordable esports furniture for the masses.

As was beautifully stated in their IKEA x UNYQ x Area Academy collaboration video:

Um, it gets kinda hot when you game. When the situations are intense, the pulse can go up, because you are thinking about loads of stuff at the same time. So being able to be cool, and… healthy is very important.

We’re with you kid; no more numb arse and sore back. Say “no” to peeling off that sweaty faux leather office chair…

Any flatpack?

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From what we’ve seen, first adopters shouldn’t expect an Allen key and a cryptic instruction manual.

These products appear to be targeted at the enthusiast video gamer, and some of the products seem to be tailored to the individual user. That may come at a higher cost than your classic SNILLE or FLINTAN swivel chairs.

Whatever the price, though, it’ll be cool to see what the creative folks at IKEA can create, beyond the usual stuff, like a desk and chair.

With the help of UNYQ and Area Academy, IKEA esports products may actually bring some great health benefits to their other office ranges.

Like the breathable mesh backrest to their MARKUS office chair, that’s pretty cool.

List image: IKEA Today/Youtube – Screenshot