Here’s all the information you need about how to watch the ongoing and upcoming League of Legends UK League Championship, also known better as the UKLC.

League of Legends is one of, if not the, most popular Esport in the world. Teams from around the world compete in the fantasy epic to try and grab the glory.

League of Legends (

The game revolves around two teams of five competing for map supremacy to get the win. It’s all about picking the right team, with each player controlling their own ‘champion’ to try and get the win.

It sounds simple but it can be so complex. Games can often last well in excess of half an hour and it really is a game of tactics, smart plays, and teamwork. Whoever downs their opponents and the AI involved to take down the enemy base, wins.

And in brilliant news for League of Legends fans and Esport lovers around the world, you’ll be able to tune in and catch all the action over the next months.

How to watch League of Legends UKLC

In what will be fantastic exposure for the Esports and League of Legends world, the BBC will be streaming the tournament exclusively on its website.

The first round of League of Legends UKLC fixtures will be over by the time this is published, but the tournament is set to run into July, with the final round of matches being on Monday 27th.

League of Legends 2017 World Championship (WikipediaCommons)

Viewers can tune into the action every Sunday and Monday by simply logging in to the BBC website, here. 

From here, the League of Legends matches will be broadcast from 6 pm on Sundays and Mondays. These times could change, but this is what the tournament went with for week one.

If you’re new to Esports and League of Legends, or just have an interest in the Esports world, then be sure to check out the action over the next four to five weeks.

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