Another Battle Royale has been released, just what the world needed – Could Realm Royale be the new Fortnite?

From the outset, this game looks like it could compete with Fortnite for Battle Royale fans, and is a title that we said would be a big deal earlier this year.

Melding some great features, Realm Royale combines the comic book aesthetic of Fortnite, the player vs player style from World of Warcraft, and the classes in Paladins.

In fact, you would be shocked to believe that this game has anything to do with Paladins, judging by the art-style and game mechanics.

While Paladins is a great game, it has always lived in the shadows of Overwatch, and now it lives in Fortnite’s shadow – but at least it was fun.

What is it then?

If you ever played the Paladins BattleGrounds alpha test, you will have a decent idea of how it works. However, they have really changed a lot of the mechanics and really made it into it’s own beautiful game.

Keeping with the standard Battle Royale formula, 100 players drop from a zeppelin, and battle it out with other teams until they are the last one standing.

How is it different to Fortnite and PUBG?

It is actually incredibly different! For starters, you select a class before the game.

Warriors are a super aggressive role in health regeneration (think Viktor in the real game). Engineers deploy turrets and shields (think Fernando). Mages have increased mobility, Hunters can use sensor drones to detect enemies, and Assassins are basically snipers.

You will always spawn in with a weapon and have a mount to traverse the entirely large map. You loot quite similar to Fortnite, but you can forge unique items, from healing items to legendary class weapons.

Is it a good game?

Fans are certainly enjoying it – sure, it has just been released in alpha so expect it to be buggy, but the gunplay and graphics have been receiving many compliments.

In fact, you would say that it looks a lot nicer than both PUBG and H1Z1, while the map is incredibly varied, with forests, deserts and general medieval cities.

So, it Realm Royale the new Fortnite? Not yet, but it is very fun.

You can pick it up for free on Steam right now.