FIFA 19 manager cards would be really amazing!

FIFA 19 is right around the corner, but one Reddit user has come up with an ingenious idea for Ultimate Team. Managers in the game are pretty useless. Sure, they help with chemistry and might give a few more contracts, but that is it. In fact, at the start of any FIFA, you can get away with having any old manager as long as they are in the same league or nationality as your team.

So, what is the point of them? EA have made incredible advances in chemistry styles and tactics in the game, so why not change how the managers work? Well, Reddit user u/Starfriends-of-1984 has thought of a way that we wish he had done sooner so EA could have used it.

Why not have managers give specific boosts to their team based on how they play?

IDEA: Have manager cards provide stat bonuses and penalties to squads based on their real life tactics and styles of play from FIFA

Thankfully, Starfriends posted a very nice photo of his suggestions, and it just makes so much sense. The likes of Pep Guardiola and Arsene Wenger would give your team boosts in passing and dribbling. Jurgen Klopp’s would boost pace and shooting while Jose Mourinho’s would be all about defending.

This would be a brilliant idea, primarily if it were only for gold or legend manager cards, giving them more value over bronze or silver. However, as one commenter pointed out, the Klopp card might need more negatives because of it boosting pace. The exploitation of pace has always been a severe problem on FIFA Ultimate team, so you would probably want defending, passing and physical getting a huge nerf.

Other than that, we really do wish EA put these into the game, and well who knows, there is still a few days before the launch of the game! We will be looking forward to seeing how managers do work in FIFA 19 and if this idea ever gets picked up by EA.