Yes, after just a few months, the developers behind Radical Heights closed down.

It is safe to say that Cliff ‘Cliffy B’ Bleszinski isn’t having the best of times since his decision to leave Epic. First, he saw his supposed Overwatch clone, Lawbreakers, totally flop despite having decent gameplay. Now things have gotten much worse for Cliffy B following the release of his Battle Royale (some would say cash grab) game, Radical Heights.

For starters, the game came under fire for being another Fortnite or PUBG clone. Then they decided to add microtransactions for a self-confessed ‘extreme early access game’. If you think that caused some bad PR, then latest news won’t shock you – the Radical Heights developers, Boss Key Productions, is now set to close down.

Yes, after just a few weeks since the release of Radical Heights, the studio is no more, casting doubt as to whether the servers will be shut as well. Despite a recorded boom in players and influencers streaming the game on Twitch, Radical Heights lost an incredible 82% of its players in just two weeks since launch.

In a statement on Twitter, Bleszinski revealed the reasons behind the closure.

While it is never good to see people lose their jobs, personally I have to wonder what they were thinking? Surely, Cliffy B must have known the financial issues with the company before they went ahead with the release of Radical Heights. The game is actually a decent attempt at a semi-fresh take on a Battle Royale game, but it’s clearly not finished.

Charging for micro-transactions in such an unfinished game would surely have worked against the game, but may have been required considering the studio’s financial turmoil. With the game being folding, however, it looks just like what many people thought it was, a cash grab.