Valorant hosted it’s first major event this weekend with the Twitch Rivals tournament, with big names such as T1 and TSM taking big-name rosters to the event.

TSM went into the tournament behind T1 in terms of being favourites for the event. However, they exceeded expectations, going all the way to the final before losing out to T1 in a closely fought contest.

Valorant (Twitchblog)

Valorant looks set to be one of the dominant players in the esports world. There are things to iron out but, after just one major event, things are looking up for Riot Games’ new FPS epic.

TSM is one of the more recognised names in the world of esports. They compete around the world in some of the biggest games going, such as Counter Strike and Fortnite, to name but two.

So, with Valorant set to continue to grow, who did TSM opt to go with for their first venture this past weekend.

Who is on the TSM Valorant Roster?

TSM have seemingly gone all out in their attempts to be a dominant force in the world of Valorant.

They’ve not messed about, and after a month-long search for the best names out there, they announced their squad at the end of May. It’s a strong squad, too.

Making up the roster are five former Counter Strike players. All five are household names in the esports world.

Valorant TSM

James ‘hazed’ Cobb is the in-game leader for the group. He’s supported by three ‘riflemen’ in the form of Taylor ‘drone’ Johnson, Matthew ‘WARDELL’ Yu, and Yassine ‘Subroza’ Taoufik. The final support comes from Steven ‘retluC’ Cutler.

All five of the players have played CS:GO at a high and competitive level. However, for the weekend just gone, Cobb sat out the actual gameplay, instead, being replaced by popular YouTuber, Myth.

While not a pro player, Myth impressed. Indeed, ESPN marked him out as one of the key performers for TSM this weekend, so there’s every chance we might just see Myth play again in the future.

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