You may have heard of Twitch Plays Pokémon, an experiment where Twitch viewers enter controls for live Pokémon games. The formula has been repeated for many games, such as Dark Souls and the Final Fantasy series. Now, one user has set up Twitch Plays Smash Bros Ultimate, where players will take on the World of Light Adventure Mode.

Twitch Plays Smash Bros Ultimate

The new Twitch Plays Super Smash Bros Ultimate experiment was made by Sasori of the GBATemp forums. The user explained that the goal is for viewers to attempt to clear the entire World of Light Story Mode and unlock all the characters.

After a few months of hiatus I’ve finally finished working on my next project! As you can tell from the title it is another Twitch Plays style of channel, as I wanted to see just how well a bunch of random players could work together to complete the World of Light and maybe even unlock all of the Characters in the newest SSB game!

It’s been going on now for about 24 hours, and we’ve only made it a few battles in on the WoL but I’m still amazed to see players adapting and learning how to work around the challenge that a channel of this nature poses onto them to make progress.

Anyone can play and players can also request new control commands to make the game easier. So far, players have reached the Giga Bowser fight in the Molten Fortress area of the game.

You can join in the fun yourself at the Twitch channel.

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Twitch Plays Super Smash Bros Ultimate Controls

If you want to try the game for yourself, you can find all of the controls in the CommunityController github.

These are currently as follows:

A / B/ X / Y
Move forward / back / left / right
Adjust Forward / Backward / Left / Right
L3 (left stick click)
R3 (right stick click)
LT (left trigger)
LB (left bumper)
RT (right trigger)
RB (right bumper)
Look Left / right / up / down

Players can also make custom commands to suit the game.

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