Despite the P2000 being the default CT pistol, most choose USP-S as their starter pistol. It’s powerful, accurate, and has a lot of great skins to go with it. Here are some of the best USP-S skins in CS:GO.

Best USP-S Skins in CS:GO

USP-S Kill Confirmed

CS:GO USP-S Kill Confirmed

The USP-S Kill Confirmed is one of the most popular USP-S skins. The wild colors and graffiti really make it stand out and style up the USP.

However, as part of The Shadow Collection, it’s a rare skin to find. You can find it in the Steam Market, but it’ll cost you around $90 Factory New.

USP-S Orion


Orion is a slick, modern-looking USP skin. The metallic style and yellow and black colors look great on the USP.

The USP-S Orion is part of The Huntsman Collection. You can buy it from the Steam Market at $13-15 Factory New.

USP-S Cortex

CS:GO USP-S Cortex

The USP-S Cortex is one of the most zany and colorful CS:GO skins. The wild graffiti style looks great on the USP-S.

You can get the USP-S Cortex from The Clutch Collection. It can also be bought from the Steam Market at around $23 Factory New.

USP-S Neo Noir

CS:GO USP-S Neo Noir

You might also recognize Neo-Noir as one of the best M4A4 skins. The comic style and mix of colors make it one of the best USP-S skins.

The USP-S Neo-Noir is part of The Spectrum Collection, so it’s a fairly rare skin. You can find it in the Steam Market for around $50 Factory New.

USP-S Cyrex


The USP-S Cyrex gives the USP a futuristic feel. It’s one of the best cheap USP-S skins, as well as one of the best looking.

It’s part of The Glove Collection. You can buy the USP-S Cyrex from the Steam Market at $4-5.

More of the Best USP-S Skins in CS:GO

USP-S Caiman, USP-S Serum, USP-S Flashback,  USP-S Guardian, USP-S Overgrowth.

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