The AWP Sniper Rifle is one of the most popular guns in CS:GO, and it comes with a bunch of great skins. The AWP has some of the rarest and most expensive skins, but also some of the coolest looking. Here are the top 5 best AWP skins in CS:GO.

1. AWP Dragon Lore

CS:GO AWP Dragon Lore

The DLore might be CS:GO’s most recognizable skin. The legendary skin has been seen in the hands of many pro players thanks to its slick design. It’s super rare and can’t be found in cases. The Dragon Lore actually set the record for the most expensive CS:GO skin ever sold at $61,052.

It currently goes for around $1800 (Factory New) in the Steam Workshop. The Well-Worn equivalent is still expensive at around $850, although there are much cheaper AWP skins available.

2. AWP Hyper Beast

CS:GO AWP Hyperbeast

Another hugely popular AWP skin that’s instantly recognizable for its psychedelic design. The AWP Hyper Beast was originally introduced as part of the Falchion Collection, and you can find it in the Falchion Case.

This one’s a little more affordable, going for around $50 (Factory New) in the Steam Workshop.

3. AWP Asiimov

CS:GO AWP Asiimov

The AWP Asiimov is a favorite for many pro players. You can see it used by players such as s1mple, dev1ce, kennyS, and many more. The signature clean orange and white design looks great on the AWP.

This is another rare design, and it’s hard to come by Factory New Asiimovs. You can find a Field-Tested AWP Asiimov in the Steam Workshop at around $45.

4. AWP Medusa

CS:GO AWP Medusa

Another one of the best AWP skins in CS:GO is the AWP Medusa. This sleek, blue AWP comes from the Gods and Monsters Collection, with an image of Medusa plastered across the side.

The AWP Medusa is another rare one with Factory New skins going for $1,432 in the Steam Workshop.

5. AWP Oni Taiji

CS:GO Awp Oni Taiji

If you want an AWP skin that’s fresh, unique, and easy to find, check out the AWP Oni Taijji. The colorful Samurai-inspired skin fits the AWP perfectly and stands out amongst some of the more common skins.

The AWP Oni Taiji goes for around $60 – $80 (Factory New) in the Steam Workshop.

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