In the past, the CS:GO meta revolved around the M4 and AK47 rifles. However, since a price drop update, the AUG has come well into vogue. Many players now choose the scoped CT rifle over either the M4A4 or M4A1-S. Here are some of the best AUG Skins in CS:GO to spice the gun up.

1. AUG Stymphalian

CS:GO AUG Stymphalian

The AUG Stymphalian is one of the coolest-looking skins available. The golden design is inspired by Stymphalian birds from Greek mythology, giving the gun a regal and historical feel.

It’s also a relatively cheap skin at just around $12 factory new in the Steam Market. You can also find it in the Clutch Case if you’re feeling lucky.

2. AUG Chameleon

CS:GO AUG Chameleon

The AUG Chameleon keeps with the green theme of the AUG but adds a little extra spice with a graphic of a chameleon across the side. This is one of the most popular AUG skins in the game.

You can find the AUG Chameleon in the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case. You can also find it on the Steam Market at around $7-9.

3. AUG Akihabara Accept

CS:GO AUG Akihabara Accept

The Akihabara Accept is one of the rarest and finest AUG skins available. It veils the gun in purple and white with an anime magazine cover across the side.

AUG Akihabara Accept is part of The Rising Sun Collection, so it’s no longer available in the game. You can find it in the Steam Market Factory New at a whopping price of $890. However, you can find worn skins for less.

4. AUG Syd Mead

CS:GO AUG Syd Mead

Syd Mead comes from the art of the famed futuristic artist, known for his work on sci-fi flicks like Tron and Blade Runner. This gives the gun a sick, colorful cutting-edge look.

AUG Syd Mead is part of the Gamma 2 Case. You can also buy it from the Steam Market for around $20 Factory New.

5. AUG Bengal Tiger

CS:GO AUG Bengal Tiger

This sweet looking skin gives your AUG the look of a Bengal Tiger. Although it could’ve been better with more color around the barrel, it’s still one of the best AUG skins to look at.

The AUG Bengal Tiger can be found in the eSports 2014 Summer Case. You can also buy it from the Steam Market at $35.

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