Ever wondered who the highest paid CS:GO players are?

While we don’t know everyone’s individual salaries, we do know how much each player has earned from prize pools thanks to stats from eSportsearnings.

The MiBR players ruled the roost earlier this year. But since multiple high-level tournaments, including the FACEIT London Major, the list has turned around. Here are the top ten as of October 2018.

Highest Paid CS:GO Players 2018

1. Xyp9x (Astralis) – $963,721.90

As an integral part of world #1 team Astralis, Xyp9x is now the highest-paid CS:GO player of all time. He’s made $330,550 this year alone thanks to victories in the FACEIT London Major, BLAST Pro Series Istanbul, and various other events. His time with teams like fnatic puts him just slightly ahead of his teammates.

2. Dupreeh (Astralis) – $960,922.74

The entry-fragger of the perennial Danish superteam Astralis also has impressive earnings of almost a million!

3. Dev1ce (Astralis) – $928,423.21

Xyp3x and Dupreeh are closely followed by their star player. Dev1ce has put up incredible performances in 2018, becoming the MVP of Astralis’ past 2 events and contributing to team winnings of $625,000 within one week.

4. FalleN (MiBR) – $849,462.50

The godfather of Brazilian Counter-Strike and leader of one of the most successful CS:GO teams of all time. Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo’s years of success leading Luminosity, SK Gaming, and now MiBR puts him in the top 5, although he was first for a long time.

5. Fer (MiBR) – $846,562.50

Another integral member of the Brazilian LG/SK/mIBR lineup that won back-to-back majors and a bevvy of high-profile tournaments. Fer used to be second, but he’s still one of the highest paid CS:GO players of all time.

6. Coldzera (MiBR) – $837,573.42

The third member of the Brazilian core to grace the list and the sixth highest earning player in Counter-Strike, showing just how scary their reign of terror was.

7. TACO (Liquid) – $835,981.85

Despite being part of FalleN’s team for their best years, TACO has achieved further success by joining Team Liquid. TACO may have placed higher if not for Team Liquid’s string of 2nd place finishes.

8. Gla1ve – $795,184.08

One of the most impressive inclusions to the list. Earlier this year, gla1ve wasn’t even in the top 10. But since leading Astralis to multiple tournament victories, he makes the top 8 with over three quarters of a mil.

9. Flusha (fnatic) – $712,952.28

Flusha is one of the highest-rated players ever at Valve majors, winning a record-setting three of them with fnatic! Some of his earnings also come from his time in GODSENT. Let’s see what Flusha can do in Cloud9.

10. JW (fnatic) – $694,294.01

Another member of the fnatic lineup that won three Valve majors. JW has since moved to GODSENT and back to fnatic, picking up plenty of cash along the way.

With huge roster changes and more big tournaments to come, keep an eye on this list to see how things shake up for the rest of 2018!

Updated: 2nd October 2018

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