Information on the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode campaigns has been revealed by links. In addition to all of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Titles, we’ve also seen many of the Classic Mode Bosses. Here’s more info.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Titles

Each Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter will have their own Classic Mode campaigns. Each has a different title, and each character will fight different battles and a boss based on the theme. Classic Mode is also one of the ways you can unlock characters in Smash Bros Ultimate

Here are all the Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Titles, originally leaked by data miners via Reddit and posted on Pastebin.

Bayonetta – The Requiem of Fallen Wings
Bowser – The Red One. Every Red One!
Bowser Jr. – Mama Peach, Where Are You?
Captain Falcon – Up Close and Personal
Chrom – Fight as One
Cloud – A Ride? Not Interested.
Corrin – Between White and Black
Daisy – Sarasaland Represent!
Dark Pit – Created Warriors
Dark Samus – The Great Poison Given Form
Diddy Kong – Hey, Little Buddy!
Donkey Kong – Journey to New Donk City
Dr. Mario – Colorful Treatment Plan
Duck Hunt – Dog, Duck, Zapper
Falco – Soar above the Darkness
Fox – Spaceborne Smash
Game and Watch – A Long Legacy
Ganon – Encroaching Darkness
Greninja – Your Turn, Greninja!
Ice Climbers – Duos for Days
Ike – The Black-Clad Warriors
Incineroar – Burning Pro Wrestling Spirit!
Inkling – An Inkredible Journey
Isabelle – Best in Show
Jigglypuff – All Original, All 64
Ken – Red-Hot Rivalry
King Dedede – Royal Rumble
King K Rool – Super Heavyweight Class
Kirby – Gourmet Clash
Link – A Quest to Seal the Darkness
Little Mac – Friendly Sparring
Lucario – Counter Encounters
Lucas – Magic, Sacred Powers, and PSI!
Lucina – A Path of Heroes
Luigi – Luigi’s Nightmares
Mario – Let’s-a Go!
Marth – A Kingdom of Dragons
Mega Man – Variable Weapons System: Online!
Meta Knight – Two Sides of the Same Coin
Mewtwo – Psychic Control
Ness – Home to Onett!
Olimar – Planetary Explorer
Pac Man – Ageless Classic
Palutena – A Little Divine Intervention
Peach – No Damsel in Distress
Pichu – Lightweight Fracas
Pikachu – I Choose You!
Pit – Fighting for the Goddess!
Pokemon Trainer – The Future Champion
Richter Belmont – Smash Echoes
Ridley – It Can’t Be! Space Pirates!
R.O.B. – Unreadable Expressions
Robin – Thunder and Flames
Rosalina – One Star after Another
Roy – A Journey of Swords
Ryu – Seeking a Challenge
Samus – Another Planet, Another Bounty
Sheik – Masquerade
Shulk – Witness the Monado’s Power
Simon – Smash-vania
Snake – Weapons and Equipment OSP
Sonic – At the Speed of Sound
Toon Link – The Teamwork of Courage
Villager – Mistake to Underestimate
Wario – I’m-a Gonna Win!
Wii Fit – Aerobic Smash
Wolf – Reunited Roster
Yoshi – Jurassic Journey
Young Link – Hyrule Smash!
Zelda – Wisdom Prevails
Zero Suit Samus – Grapplers! Whips! Claws!

Battles will be based on the titles and theme. For instance, Ike’s Campaign “A Journey of Sword” will pit him against other Sword Fighters whereas Jigglypuff’s “All Original, All 64” will feature battles with other fighters from the original Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Bosses

Each Classic Mode campaign will also have a boss. Not every character will get a unique boss- most are shared between characters.

However, the Boss Battles for a few of the Classic Mode campaigns have been revealed. Here are some currently known Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Bosses:

Duck Hunt – Rathalos
Kirby – Marx
Link – Ganon
Mario – Giga Bowser
R.O.B. – Galleom
Roy – Master Hand
Simon Belmont – Dracula
Wolf – Galleom

Some of these boss battles have already been shown via footage from gaming outlets and leaks.

Chances are that many characters from the same series will face the same boss. For instance, Sheik will likely also fight Ganon. Check out the link for more about the leaked Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bosses.