A new Reddit Poll on r/smashbros has revealed what the fans think of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Roster. It seems people are more hyped for the Piranha Plant DLC than ever, along with King K Rool and the return of Snake. But who else do fans want as Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Characters?

Here’s a look into ten of the most wanted Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters according to the results.

Banjo Kazooie

The fan support for Banjo Kazooie in Smash Bros Ultimate has been absolutely enormous, and it only continues to grow. The creators and even Microsoft have already expressed they’d be happy to do it, so now it’s all down to whether Nintendo wants it.

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It seems strange for a character from a 1996 game (Super Mario RPG) to be in such high demand. However, ever since rumors of Geno in Smash Bros arose, more and more people have jumped onboard. His design would make for a great moveset and he’d add something different to the game.

Bandana Dee

Bandana Dee is a Sakurai creation, so getting in Smash Bros at some point would seem likely. So far, he doesn’t appear as an Assist Trophy or Mii Costume. With a ton of fan requests, Bandana Dee’s chances as a Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character might be better than anyone’s.


Sora is an iconic character in gaming, and Sora in Smash Bros Ultimate would be a dream come true for many fans. Disney supports the move and Nintendo have a good relationship with Square Enix. In fact, leaks suggest there will be a Square Enix DLC character in Smash Ultimate. Could it be Sora?


Many fans were left disappointed when Isaac was revealed as a Smash Bros Ultimate Assist Trophy. Still, it’s not out of the question that he could be adapted into a fighter later on. Fans want it and his moveset would be amazing.

Skull Kid

After the August Nintendo Direct, the rumors for Skull Kid in Smash Bros Ultimate picked up big time. He seemed like one of the most likely characters to make it in. However, he appears in the launch game merely as an Assist Trophy. He could make it to the roster later on if we’re lucky.


Waluigi was revealed as an Assist Trophy for Smash Bros Ultimate very early on. However, many fans still demand his appearance- there has even been a petition. With everyone from Mario to Daisy now in the roster, it seems strange for Waluigi to be left out.

Rex and Pyra

Sakurai explained in the latest Smash Bros Direct that because Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was released after Smash Bros Ultimate development began, he wasn’t considered for the roster. He’ll make it in as a Mii Costume DLC, but maybe Rex and Pyra will be promoted to the roster in future.

Rex Mii Fighter Skin from Smash Bros Ultimate Direct

Rex Mii Fighter Skin from Smash Bros Ultimate Direct


A Rayman DLC Pack would make many fans happy, and it doesn’t seem too bizarre. Nintendo has a great relationship with Ubisoft- the Rayman Rabbids even appeared alongside Mario and the gang in Kingdom Battles.

Minecraft Steve

Leaks suggest that Minecraft Steve will be in Smash Bros Ultimate. Still, nothing is confirmed and fans will have to cross their fingers. It would be a strange addition, but seeing some representation for one of the all-time best selling video games in Smash Bros would be fitting.

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