Over 67 fighters are now confirmed for Smash Bros Ultimate. But one is notably missing- one that’s owned by Nintendo and has been demanded by fans for years. Will we see Golden Sun Isaac in Smash Bros Ultimate?

Isaac hasn’t been mentioned in any recent Smash Bros leaks so all we have to go on is speculation and some Ivan-esque psychic abilities. Still, there are some significant hints pointing to Isaac’s possibility as a Smash Bros Ultimate fighter.

Sakurai Hinting at Golden Sun’s Isaac in Smash Bros Ultimate?

A recent Tweet by Sakurai shows off Link and Marth facing off against Rathalos from Monster Hunter. Fans have noted just how much the scene represents the iconic battle scenes from Golden Sun.

While it could be a wild coincidence, the whole thing is set up just too perfectly to ignore. Plus, with Sakurai’s tendency to drop hints, it really adds some weight to this theory.

Isaac Missing from Smash Bros Ultimate Assist Trophies

Isaac is one of the characters currently unconfirmed in the Smash Bros Ultimate Assist Trophies.

Sure, it might mean nothing, but know who else went missing from Assist Trophies in the past? Little Mac and Dark Samus. Little Mac became a roster character in Smash 4 and Dark Samus is now making her way to Ultimate.

Isaac was an Assist Trophy all the way back in Brawl but wasn’t present for Smash 4. Could Sakurai have been entertaining the idea of making him a fighter?

Nintendo Owns the Rights to Golden Sun

Although many characters have been requested by fans for Smash, some don’t make it in as Nintendo has to gain permission from the rights holder.

While Camelot Software Planning created Golden Sun, Nintendo are the publishers. Therefore, there shouldn’t be much barring Nintendo from using Isaac in Smash.

With Nintendo fighters like Duck Hunt Duo, Bowser. Jr, and six characters from Fire Emblem making it to the Smash Roster, surely there’s room for a Golden Sun rep.

Fans Want Golden Sun’s Isaac in Smash Bros Ultimate

Between Smash Bros fan polls, ballots, and Twitter campaigns, Isaac is one of the most wanted characters for Smash Bros Ultimate. His Psynergy moves and Djinni would make for an amazing moveset.

Golden Sun is undeniably a defining series of Nintendo handhelds. With Nintendo Switch’s handheld and touchscreen capabilities, it’d be the perfect time for a Golden Sun comeback.

With Sakurai aiming to please more fans than ever with the ungodly amount of content in Smash Bros Ultimate, it could be Isaac’s time. If we’re lucky, we might even get Felix as an Echo Fighter. Hey, if Richter Belmont could make it, why not?

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