Will we see Chrono Trigger protagonist Crono in Smash Bros Ultimate? Smash Ultimate DLC leaks and rumors make it seem a lot more likely. Back in November, a 4chan leak identified that Joker from Persona 5 would make the Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC roster.

The leak, which claimed to have inside sources, also suggested other characters, one being Crono from Chrono Trigger. Here are a few reasons why Crono in Smash Bros Ultimate seems like a strong possibility.

Crono in Smash Bros Ultimate 4chan Leak

Many reputable leakers have mentioned that there will be a new Square Enix character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Many theorized this could be Sora, Lara Croft or a Final Fantasy character. However, a new Smash Bros Ultimate DLC leak points to two names in particular.

Crono in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Leak

The leak, which initially came from 4chan, mentioned Crono and Neku (The World Ends With You) as Square Enix’s considerations. While many leaks turn out to be complete hoaxes, this one is given some validity by the fact they predicted Joker from Persona 5 well before he was announced.

Chrono in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Data Mine Leak

Before the Super Smash Bros Ultimate launch, many users got their hands on the game early.

Data miners were able to sift through the game’s files, revealing many leaks for new Spirits, Bosses, Mii Costumes, and more. Interestingly, a data miner on Twitch (goygoy2) found a value for ‘Chrono’ in the game’s files.

While Chrono Trigger’s protagonist is known as Crono in the West, the name Chrono is used in Japanese media. While the value could simply be something to do with time and chronology, fans can still hope.

Will Crono be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

There isn’t a whole lot to go on right now, but the recent Smash Ultimate leaks and rumors do make Crono seem like a good possibility.

Chrono Trigger, which originally appeared on the Super Nintendo, is considered one of the greatest games of all time- especially in Japan. Plus, with RPG protagonists like Cloud and Joker regularly making the cut, Chrono seems like a natural fit.

There are plenty of other possibilities. Other leaks point to characters like Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros Ultimate. But with four DLC packs still to come and Nintendo promising surprises, anything is possible.

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