Many of the new Smash 5 characters are likely to be Smash Bros Ultimate Echo Fighters. Echo Fighters are Smash Bros’ equivalent of clones- the characters generally retain the same proportions and a similar moveset, albeit with a few unique touches.

Echo Fighters such as Daisy (Peach), Dark Samus (Samus), and Richter (Simon Belmont) have already been confirmed, but many more have been rumored and leaked.

Most Wanted Smash Ultimate Echo Fighters in Reddit Fan Poll
Most Wanted Smash Bros Ultimate Echo Fighters in Reddit Fan Poll

A poll of the most wanted Smash Bros Ultimate characters revealed which Echo Fighters the fans want. But who will we get to see? Here are the top 10 most likely Smash Bros Ultimate Echo Fighters.

10. Impa (Sheik)

Impa has appeared throughout the Legend of Zelda series. Most notably, she’s the Sheikah who taught Princess Zelda how to be Sheik in Ocarina of Time. Now Sheik is her own character, Impa could make her appearance as a Smash Ultimate Echo Fighter.

9. Octoling (Inkling)

Splatoon has made a huge splash. It’s already one of the highest-selling Nintendo franchises and Splatoon 2 is also one of the best-selling Switch games. Inkling is already confirmed for the roster- an enemy Octoling may make it in later or even as DLC.

8. Birdo (Yoshi)

The gender-ambiguous dinosaur has appeared everywhere from Mario Kart to Mario Tennis but still hasn’t made the Smash Bros roster. Despite an appearance in the Mushroom Kingdom II stage, now would be the perfect time for Birdo’s appearance as a Yoshi Echo.

7. Funky Kong (Donkey Kong)

Adding Donkey Kong’s goofy mate as an Echo Fighter seems a little redundant, but he has been mentioned in Smash Bros Leaks. He’s already appeared in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the Switch, so it’s definitely possible he makes Smash.

6. Medusa (Palutena)

Medusa in Kid Icarus: Uprising was designed to be similar to Palutena by the creator of Smash Bros himself. Ultimate will be stacked with villains, including Dark Pit and Dark Samus. Don’t be surprised to see the Goddess of Darkness also appear as an Echo for the Goddess of Light.

5. Ms. Pac-Man (Pac-Man)

Pac-Man’s wife has already made numerous appearances on Nintendo consoles. There’s a good 30 minutes of Pac-Man music in Smash Ultimate, so Ms. Pac-Man as a Pac-Man Echo Fighter is a strong possibility.

4. Villager (Isabelle)

Isabelle from Animal Crossing could be a Smash Bros Echo Fighter – Image

Isabelle is missing from the Smash Bros Ultimate Assist Trophies, plus she’s been brought up in numerous Smash 5 leaks. She’d definitely make a more interesting alternative to Animal Crossing’s Villager.

3. Dixie Kong (Diddy Kong)

According to an old Famitsu interview, Sakurai originally planned for Dixie and Diddy to be a switchable tag-team in Brawl! With huge fan interest as well as interest from the creator, Dixie is one of the most likely Smash Bros Ultimate Echo Fighters.

2. Ken (Ryu)

Ken in Smash Bros Ultimate is extremely likely- he’s been mentioned in leaks and Smash Ultimate features plenty of SF content. Plus, Ken appeared in the original Street Fighter as a direct Ryu copy. Who better to serve as an Echo Fighter than the original fighting game clone?

1. Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Shadow seems like a lock. Sega has a great relationship with Nintendo. Smash Bros Ultimate will feature two (or more) Sonic stages plus 20 tracks. With all the same moves as Sonic, Shadow could slip right into the roster.

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