The latest February Nintendo Direct featured an announcement for Smash Bros Ultimate Spring Update, along with a rough Smash Bros Ultimate Joker release date. And fortunately, players won’t have to wait too long. The Joker DLC Pack will be available before the end of April. Here’s more on the Joker release date and Spring Update.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Joker Release Date

Joker is the next Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character to come to the game. The original announcement for his inclusion was all the way back in December at the Game Awards 2018. However, it seems we won’t have to wait much longer for his appearance.

The Nintendo Direct February broadcast revealed that Smash Bros Ultimate Ver 3.0.0 will come before the end of April. The new update will feature the DLC Challenger Pack 1, which includes the Joker DLC.

With Piranha Plant’s release date being January 31, it’s likely we may get the Spring Update on March 31. The Challenger Pack will also feature a new stage and new music from the Persona series.

The Nintendo Direct broadcast didn’t reveal anything else about the 3.0.0 Update. However, it’s likely we’ll also get some character changes and maybe even some new content.

Who Are The Next Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Characters?

After Piranha Plant and Joker, there are 4 more DLC characters set to come to Smash Bros Ultimate.

There have been many leaks and theories as to who will be included, although some are much more likely than others.

The most credible leak right now is that we’ll see Erdrick in Smash Bros Ultimate. The Dragon Quest protagonist has been brought up by numerous leaks, and with Dragon Quest XI S coming to the Switch this fall, he could accompany the release.

Another strong possibility is Edelgard in Smash Bros Ultimate, one of the main characters of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Three Houses is set to come to the Switch on July 26. There have been some leaks and hints regarding her inclusion, so she could even be the next character to join the roster.

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