Will we see Kingdom Hearts’ protagonist Sora in Smash Bros Ultimate? It may seem like a longshot, but leaks, hints, and fan demand definitely point towards it. Even Disney and KH’s creator supports it, so what are the chances? Here are 5 reasons Sora in Smash Bros Ultimate is likely.

1. Kingdom Hearts Creator Wants Sora in Smash Bros Ultimate

Before any third-party character appears in Smash Bros Ultimate, Nintendo has to get permission from the rights owners. The good news is they want to see it happen.

Shinji Hashimoto, the co-creator of Kingdom Hearts along with Tetsuya Nomura, recently replied to Twitter fan @Kevin_Keyblade saying “Yes!” to Sora in Smash Bros Ultimate


Hashimoto later deleted the Tweet. Is he hiding something or just trying not to get fans’ hopes up?

2. Disney Support Sora in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

With Kingdom Hearts being a shared property between Square Enix and Disney, Nintendo would also need clearance from the big dogs to use Sora.

Fortunately, it seems Disney is also in support of Sora for Smash Bros Ultimate. YouTuber HMK asked Disney Japan VP Justin Scarpone himself.

With Disney and Hashimoto onboard, it’s all down to whether Sakurai, Nomura, and Nintendo want him in the game.

3. Nomura and Sakurai are Fans of Each Other

Even better news- Sakurai is a big fan of Nomura’s work, and vice versa.

Nomura revealed he was happy to see Cloud in Smash Bros 4 in an interview translated by SourceGaming. Likewise, Sakurai revealed he’s a big fan of Final Fantasy and Nomura characters- even the obscure ones!

Nomura also created some Smash Bros art in his trademark style. With these two developers getting along so well, a new Square Enix character seems like a lock.

4. Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks Suggest a New Square Enix Character

The internet has been rammed with Super Smash Bros Ultimate leaks- some more trustworthy than others.

However, multiple reputable leakers agree that they’ve heard a Square Enix character will be in Smash Bros Ultimate.


This might not necessarily mean Sora. With multiple Final Fantasy games coming to the Switch, it could be anyone from Terra to Noctis. So far, it seems Sakurai is doing everything he can to please the fans. So which character do Smash Bros fans want?

5. Sora is One of the Most Wanted Smash Bros Ultimate Characters

Between the Smash Bros ballot, Reddit polls, and fan support on Twitter, Sora is one of the most wanted characters for the Smash Bros Ultimate roster.

Results from a recent Reddit fan poll

Characters like Banjo Kazooie, Isaac, and Geno may have the edge on him. However, Sora is still very popular amongst fans, especially in Japan.

Kingdom Hearts has become a huge franchise. There’s tons of hype for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Eminem sampled Kingdom Hearts music on his latest album. Sora appearing in Smash Bros Ultimate would be another feather in the cap for the popular Square Enix/Disney game.

With so many characters rumored to appear in Smash Bros Ultimate, Sora might not make the launch roster. But is he a strong possibility for a DLC character? Definitely.

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