A recent Smash Bros Ultimate leak reveals new DLC character Joker’s stage. The previous Nintendo Direct revealed that Joker will come to the roster in the Spring Update before the end of April. Now, Smash Bros data miner DrHyperCake found new values revealing the new Smash Bros Ultimate Stage that will come along with the DLC.

New Smash Bros Ultimate Stage Leak – Mementos

Nintendo previously revealed that each new DLC Fighter will come with a new Stage and new music tracks. With Joker set to come to the game by April, new strings have been found in the game which reveals the new upcoming stage.

These were found by DrHyperCake, a data miner known for various credible leaks in Smash 4. The leak reveals a string in the game for “Jack_Menentoes_”. Each Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character has a codename, with ‘Jack’ being the codename for Joker.

This reveals that a stage for Mementos from Persona 5 will come along with Joker. Mementos is a recurring location throughout the game where many significant battles take place.

The new Smash Bros Ultimate stage will be available to those who buy the Joker DLC or the Fighters Pass.

Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks – Next DLC Character?

While the latest data mine leak shows what the next stage will be, there’s no new information on the next Smash Ultimate DLC character.

Previous leaks and rumors point strongly towards Erdrick in Smash Bros Ultimate. Data leaks show the codename for the next DLC Fighter is ‘Brave’, which seems to fit the Dragon Quest protagonist.

There are also various other characters which may make their way to the roster. Minecraft Steve, Edelgard from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Banjo Kazooie, and the DOOM Marine are all possibilities.

With Joker set to come by April, we should hear news of the next Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character within the next couple of months. We’ll give you all the latest news, leaks, and information here at ElecSpo.

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