The new Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Character Joker is soon to come, and data leaks now tell us more about the character. A recent Smash Bros Ultimate leak from DrHyperCake on Twitter showed that a Mementos stage will come along with the new DLC character. Now, another leak shows that he could have some interesting alt costumes.

Smash Bros Ultimate Joker Alt Costume Leak

Since the latest Smash Bros Ultimate updates, new strings have been found in the game files relating to Joker.

Joker’s codename is “Jack”, and some of the values found in the game data relate to new content. Recently, credible Smash Bros data miner Dr. Hypercake found information on Joker’s Stage- Mementos.

From rummaging through the game files more, Dr. Hypercake also found some information on one of Joker’s alt costumes.

With the codename “Jack” changing to “Jane” and a ponytail, it looks like we’ll get a female equivalent to Joker. This could also tie-in with the rumored Persona 5 S soon to come to the Nintendo Switch.

Persona 5 R – New Female Protagonist?

Notably, when Persona 3 Portable (a Persona 3 remake) came out for the PSP, it added some new content, including the ability to play as a female protagonist.

With rumors of a Persona 5 re-release for the Switch, it looks like we’ll get a female equivalent to Joker.

While Persona 5 for the Switch hasn’t been announced, it seems like it’s only a matter of time. New Persona 5 projects are set to come, and Atlus even registered a ‘P5S’ domain.

Persona games often get re-releases with new content. Persona 5 on the Switch could add a lot of new missions for Mementos along with a female protagonist. While there’s no official news on it yet, it could come out to coincide with Joker’s release in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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