From Software has quickly become one of the biggest game developers in the business with hit titles like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborne, and, of course, the Dark Souls series. However, they could be working on something even bigger. Rumor has it that George R.R. Martin is collaborating with From Software on a Game of Thrones style RPG. Here’s the latest.

Game of Thrones Style RPG by Dark Souls Creators?

The report comes from Spawn Wave with information from Liam Robertson– a videogame insider with a solid track record.

According to the video from Spawn Wave, From Software has two new games planned for release. Interestingly, one of these could be an open-world RPG where players travel across kingdoms.

Even more interestingly, rumor has it George R.R. Martin will collaborate with From Software on this. While it doesn’t sound like it’s an official Game of Thrones RPG, details so far share many elements of the show.

Details from Liam Robertson suggest the game will feature multiple kingdoms. Players will be able to choose which kingdom to be a part of. They’ll then travel across the world battling bosses and taking their abilities.

While there’s no confirmation currently, the rumor is that George R.R. Martin will help work on the storyline. As such, it could take a lot of inspiration from the groundbreaking Game of Thrones series and A Song of Ice and Fire novels.

The game is reportedly currently in development and could be announced as early as E3 2019. E3 takes place from 11-15 June this year, so there’s only a few months to wait.

Of course, Game of Thrones season 8 will begin on April 14th and run through until May 19, 2019.

A full Game of Thrones RPG by the creators of Dark Souls seems too good to be true. But whether it turns out to be an official GoT game or simply takes some inspiration from the mind of George R.R. Martin, it could be one of the biggest game announcements of 2019.

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