The PUBG Mobile Halloween Update is available now! In addition to new Halloween skins, you can now play Night Mode. It requires a bit of luck, but you’ll be much more likely to get it during the Halloween season.

PUBG Mobile Halloween – How To Play Night Mode

PUBG Mobile Night Mode is a rare game mode that alternates from day to night. To play Night Mode, you’ll need a little luck. It happens at random and you may need to try a few times before getting it. However, here’s how you can increase your chances.

  • Make sure you update to the latest version (0.9.0) of PUBG Mobile via Google Play or the iTunes Store.
  • Start a game in Classic Mode on the Erangel Map.
  • You can tell if you’ll get Night Mode if the starting play area features a cloudless, evening sky as opposed to the regular daytime sky.
  • More importantly, you’ll see the words “Day/Night” in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • If you don’t get Night Mode, you can always close out the game and start a new one.

Reddit user deepanshu18 showed a glimpse of what playing Night Mode looks like.

Night Mode Experience at the New Picnic Spot in Erangel. from PUBGMobile

Playing in the dark adds a whole new element to the game, and you can even loot for Night Vision Goggles to get the upper hand!

PUBG Mobile – How To Get Halloween Skins

Some brand new Halloween cosmetics are now available in the shop. Some of the items featured right now can be seen below.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Skins Mummy Set, Fairy Set, Enchanter Hat, Enchanter Set, Red Devil Motorcycle, Red Devil – M416, Spellcaster’s Hat, Spellcaster Set, Psychopath Mask, Psychopath Set

PUBG Mobile Halloween Skins

You can also play the PUBG Mobile Halloween Candies draw. You can find it on the left of the screen when you open PUBG Mobile. This allows you to take a lucky spin and trade in candies for new Halloween vehicle skins.

PUBG Mobile Halloween Draw PUBG Mobile Halloween Vehicle Skins

How To Play PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the best mobile esports games available, and best of all it’s completely free to play.

To play the latest Halloween update, simply search PUBG Mobile on Google Play or the iTunes Store and you can download and start playing straight away.

The latest changes are part of PUBG Mobile’s Halloweeks Event. The update also features some improvements to matchmaking and Spectator Mode, along with some performance upgrades. You’ll also see some spooky Halloween decorations around.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0

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