The Pokemon GO PVP and Raid Meta is constantly changing as new Pokemon and moves are regularly added to the game.

This can make it an annoyance when trying to build the best team, or choosing the best Pokemon to use in certain situations.

A very popular type of Pokemon is Fire, due to its versatility and the fact that they’re generally pretty cool.

With that in mind, here are the five best Fire-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO in a variety of areas.

Five Best Fire Type Pokemon Excluding Shadow, Legendary and Mega Pokemon

So, here are your first set of the “Best Fire-type” Pokemon – your “budget” picks, at least in so much as you won’t have to raid for them.

5. Delphox – Fire Spin/Flamethrower
4. Infernape – Fire Spin/Blast Burn
3. Charizard – Fire Spin/Blast Burn
2. Blaziken – Fire Spin/Blast Burn
1. Chandelure – Fire Spin/Overheat

As you can see, the problem is, the majority of this list is made up by starter Pokemon, three of which are all tied to exclusive Community Day moves.

The other one is Chandelure, which, if you haven’t been playing around the Halloween events, you probably won’t have too many candies for anyway.

Five Best Legendary/Mythical Fire Type Pokemon

Next up we have the best Fire-type Mythical and Legendary Pokemon.

5. Heatran – Fire Spin/Flamethrower
4. Moltres – Fire Spin/Overheat
3. Victini – Confusion/V-create
2. Ho-Oh -Incinerate/Blast Burn
1. Reshiram – Fire Fang/Overheat

Of course, the difficulty with Legendary Pokemon is that once they’re out of raids, you could be waiting a while for them to return.

Five Best Overall (No Restrictions)

Finally, we take a look at the overall best Pokemon for this category.

5. Shadow Entei – Fire Fang/Overheat
4. Reshiram – Fire Fang/Overheat
3. Shadow Moltres – Fire Spin/Overheat
2. Mega Charizard Y – Fire Spin/Blast Burn
1. Mega Charizard X – Fire Spin/Blast Burn

What’s interesting here is just how big of an impact the Shadow/Mega Pokemon have on the meta, with only Reshiram appearing on more than one list.

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