Wrecking Ball competitive counters look pretty straightforward, to be honest.

Just as we pointed out earlier, Overwatch players are scared of Wrecking Ball coming into competitive.

Little over four hours after I wrote that, Wrecking Ball was added to competitive Overwatch! It’s like we have an ear in those turbo-nerds over at Blizzard.

So, is Wrecking Ball super overpowered in competitive, swinging on points making it impossible to kill him? Well, I was able to get a few games in last night and can confirm he is terrific, but not quite god-tier. Apparently, with it being a new character in competitive, it is now one of the most popular characters over the last 24 hours.

While a very good Wrecking Ball is a rare thing, in competitive, they are a little more common. Interestingly, I was seeing team-mates and opponents use him in a way that isn’t just swinging on an objective. Many were using him to flank and get high ground to catch enemies off guard.

How to counter him?

An excellent Sombra, Mei, Bastion, or Hanzo will be able to get the better of the hamster. As too will Widow or a Symmetra who can catch him in lots of turrets which will slow him down.

So it’s not OP?

No, but can be annoying to play against. As we mentioned yesterday, when someone is swinging around on a point it can almost feel like they gain invincibility frames. However, as we said, there are a fair few counters that if you combine them will neuter that damn hamster.