The Twitch esports schedule for this week looks amazing

Sick of watching TV? Sports not doing it for you anymore or you just need to know when all them esports are happening? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you, fam.

Twitch has released this weeks schedule for all the top esports being streamed on the platform over the next seven days. This week is a bit of a whopper, with IEM Katowice continuing and a return to one of the most popular games of all time.

Bumper Twitch esports schedule

Yep, Warcraft III — the game that I spent all my early teens playing — is back in a competitive scene! In fact, the game has just received a massive update, which isn’t bad considering it came out back in 2002.

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With this update, many are hoping that there will be a remaster of the legendary RTS. I mean, it’s not the prettiest of games nowadays, but I bet it is still a brilliant way to spend a few hours.

Anyway, this week sees the beginning of the Warcraft III Invitational, which starts today at 1 pm PST and continues tomorrow at 11 am PST. With the likes of Hawk, Lyn and veteran Insomnia taking part, we could be in for a whopper of a tournament.

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Also, this week, is the return of the Overwatch League, with Stage 2 starting up again this Wednesday. With London Spitfire looking to continue their fantastic form from Stage 1,  it’s sure to make for great watching. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that Geguri has joined Shanghai Dragons, we cannot wait for that!

Finally, later this week, there is the League of Legends Championships which will be an absolute must watch.

With so much going on this week, here’s the full Twitch esports schedule to keep you on top of things: