Fancy a sing-song? Well, this is how to do Reinhardt karaoke on Busan!

How can you not be excited by something new coming to Overwatch? The last thing we were given was Wrecking Ball, the blood-thirsty Hamster with a mech! This time around though we have been given a new map, Busan!

The map is set in the South Korean city, and the current home of esports legend and Tank hero, D.Va. It has three distinct stages; the historic Sanctuary; the high-tech Meka base, and Downtown Busan.

And it is in the Downtown where we find the new spawn room that is just all sorts of hilarious and fun.

As we saw in the trailer for the new map, there is a Karaoke bar – but guess what? This is where you spawn, and yes, you can actually do some Karaoke!

Who can do it?

Sadly, there is a catch, and it looks like currently, only Reinhardt is capable of busting out some tunes. With that being said, I haven’t actually tried everyone, so who knows, we might get a lovely cockney sing-song from Tracer.

How do you do it?

Pick Reinhardt to go up to the microphone and press your interact button. He will then start singing about how we should look at him and then shout ‘HAMMER DOWN’.

How do you play it?

Busan? Well, you will need to download the Public Test Region, which helps test new items, characters and maps before release. At the moment, you can only play Busan, so you can get a good feel of the map and how it performs.