Overwatch has a new map and this is how to play Busan early!

There is a new Overwatch map, and we are very, very excited to enter the world of D.Va. Busan looks like it will be another beautiful map, with three very distinct locations; Santucary, Downtown, and the Meka Base.

This is our first look into the world of South Korea, with the only other South East Asian maps being Hanamura (Japan), Lijiang Tower (China), and Nepal.

The trailer for the map was released to coincide with the first D.Va animated short, where she looks to protect Busan from the Omnic attackers. While we only get a look at the Meka base and the coastline on the short, this trailer shows off all three stages.

What type of map is it?

It is going to be a control map, making it the fifth one. The three areas and best of three format will work well together, especially with them looking so different. Maps such as Ilios and Oasis are popular because of how distinct each area looks.

What are the areas?


via Blizzard

Sanctuary is a very historical area, with temples and classic architecture. It is located on top of a mountain, so the chances of Lucio or Orissa blasting someone off the edge is high.

We think that Downtown is next because that is how it is listed in the video description. However, in the video, the Meka Base is listed second.


via Blizzard

This looks somewhat similar to the city in Hanamura but much flashier. Unlike the Sanctuary, there is plenty of shops, bars and even a karaoke place to enjoy. There appears to lots of tight corners and long lines of sight with some more open control point areas.

Meka base

Meka base via Blizzard

This does look very similar to the Lunar Space colony, but we will get a look into D.Va’s quarters! Finally, we get to see what the esports champion’s gaming set up is like and see all her trophies.

How can I play it?

It isn’t live yet on the normal game but is currently playable on the Overwatch Public Test Region. You can install it now on PC and get a look as to how the map feels and what cool things you can do.