Fissure joins Seoul Dynasty, but we knew that was likely to happen over a month ago.

Back in July, Slasher aka Rob Breslau revealed that Fissure wanted to leave LA Gladiators. At the time, Fissure hit out at Slasher, claiming that his sources were made up. There appeared to be a bit of hate directed at the esports insider.

Well, fast-forward just over a month, and Fissure has left LA Gladiators to join Seoul Dynasty. In the July report from Slasher, claims that Fissure wanted more Korean teammates were made. It also alluded that he was upset with some players on his team. During the Stage 4 playoffs, Fissure was replaced by iRemix, which seemed to put even more fuel on the fire that he’d be leaving.

However, Fissure then released a statement with his side of the story, claiming that he wanted the team to replace him for the playoffs with an English-speaking player. He did claim though that this got out of hand and people took this as evidence he was leaving to join a Korean speaking team.

Fissure joins Seoul Dynasty

Up until yesterday, it looked like all of that was cut and dry, and then Seoul made the announcement. As you can imagine, Slasher was very happy with himself and took to Twitter to share this gem:

200 IQ

Seoul will be hoping his inclusion will help them turn their fortunes around. During Stage 1 and Stage 2, the team finished 4th and 5th respectively, but the next two stages were much harsher. They went just 3 and 7 in Stage 4. LA, on the other hand, finished top of the final Stage, so there is a chance that Fissure’s tanking could change things in Season 2.