The D.Va animated short is nothing short of amazing.

Another Overwatch animated short has been revealed, this time with D.Va defending against those pesky Omnic forces.

D.Va becomes the tenth Overwatch hero to get an animated short; they’ve certainly given us a different view of each character. This time around has Hana Song aka D.Va trying to deal with the pressures of defending Busan against Omnic – and her national stardom.

This short might just have ramped up the action. It starts with D.Va trying to wind down, eating crisps that look suspiciously like Doritos. However, an Omnic attack forces her to fly out to meet them and try and defend Busan from destruction.

While the action was great, many fans are pointing out that D.Va’s poor friend seems to be stuck very much in the friend zone, which is pretty funny.


Friendzone tweets


Shooting Star is a solid 7 minutes and continues the excellent Overwatch shorts prestige. In the past, we have had a look at the likes of Soldier 76, Mei and the Shimada brothers, Hanzo and Genji. While it wasn’t as good as the truly excellent Mei short, the D.Va one is definitely worth your time.

Especially so if you are looking for a glimpse of the newest Overwatch map, Busan, which D.Va is trying to defend from those damn dirty Omnics.

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