The September Nintendo Direct might announce Chorus Kids or Isaac in Smash Bros Ultimate tonight! Leaks have mentioned these names before, but Nintendo also conveniently trademarked Golden Sun and Rhythm Heaven a day before.

Nintendo applied for four new trademarks in the last couple of days- Golden Sun, Rhythm Heaven, Mario Super Sluggers, and Wrecking Crew. reported the news.

So what does this mean for tonight’s Nintendo Direct?

September Nintendo Direct – New Smash Bros Ultimate Announcement?

The proof of new Super Smash Bros Ultimate news in tonight’s Nintendo Direct continues to grow each day.

Sakurai’s last Smash Bros Nintendo Direct hinted at Skull Kid being announced in the next one. However, a Tweet he posted also bore a distinct similarity to the battle scenes from Golden Sun.

With this new trademark, the chances of seeing Isaac for Smash Bros Ultimate have shot up significantly. Other possibilities are Felix (Golden Sun: The Lost Age) or Matthew (Golden Sun: Dark Dawn), but Isaac is by far the most popular amongst fans.

Previous Smash 4 leaks suggested a Rhythm Heaven character was meant to make it into the game. This may finally come to fruition with Chorus Kids or even Karate Joe entering the Smash Bros Ultimate roster.

We already have a Wrecking Crew stage, but maybe we’ll get a new Wrecking Crew Assist Trophy in Smash Bros Ultimate.

New Golden Sun, Rhythm Heaven Games Incoming?

Nintendo’s new trademarks also hint that new Nintendo Switch games could be coming eventually.

Golden Sun would feel right at home on the Nintendo Switch. The game was a big seller on Nintendo’s handheld consoles. If we don’t see a brand new Golden Sun game, we might see a re-release of the old titles on the Switch.

Rhythm Heaven is another series that has carried throughout many Nintendo portable consoles. A new or returning Rhythm Heaven game on the Nintendo Switch will surely please fans.

A new Mario Super Sluggers seems highly likely, especially with the recent success of Mario Tennis Aces on the Switch. Wrecking Crew is the most surprising trademark- could Nintendo revive the old school game over three decades later?

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