The IEM Katowice 2019 Asia & Americas Minor Championships are in full swing. And while the Minors might not quite live up to the Major, they do have at least one world superstar paying attention. Turns out Neymar is watching the CS:GO Minor to support Brazil’s own FURIA Esports.

Neymar Watches CS:GO Minor

Neymar posted a SnapChat today of him watching the CS:GO Minor to support FURIA. A fellow CS:GO fan spotted this and posted the Snap to r/GlobalOffensive.

Neymar Watches CS:GO Minor

Neymar is no stranger to CS:GO. He’s been open about his own CS:GO habit, sometimes even posting clips and pictures with players like FalleN and coldzera on Instagram.

Turns out that Neymar is friends with Akkari, one of the owners of FURIA Esports. Still, a star of his caliber supporting the Brazilian team in a Minor shows huge fandom.

FURIA Pass Group Stage In Americas Minor

So how did the team do? FURIA can feel safe in the knowledge that they didn’t let Neymar or the rest of their countrymen down.

In the first day of the IEM Katowice Americas Minor, FURIA won both their matchups. They beat eUnited in a 16-11 victory. They then followed up with a Bo3 against Team Envy, which they won 2-0.

All of the Brazilian roster performed, but Kscerato might have had the best performance with a 1.82 rating against Envy on Mirage.

Yuurih also stood out, putting up big stats on all three maps.

FURIA are now through to the Playoffs of the Americas Minor. We’ll see them play again on the 24th of January. Meanwhile, fellow Brazilians Team One will fight to stay in the event today against eUnited.

Other Celebrities Who Love CS:GO

While Neymar might be the biggest star to play and watch CS:GO, he’s not the only one.

There are many celebrities who play CS:GO. UFC Fighter Mark Hunt has played ever since Counter-Strike 1.6 and even showed up to IEM Sydney last year. Logic and Deadmau5 are also big fans.

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