Earlier this week, a Twitter leak hinted at the upcoming announcement of the Pokemon Switch 2019 game. It’s now official, as Pokemon Sword & Shield have been announced for late 2019! Many details were given out on the Pokemon Twitter from the starting Pokemon to the new region. Here’s more on Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Pokemon Sword & Shield New Region: Galar

The new region for Pokemon Sword & Shield is Galar. The Pokemon Twitter showed a clip exploring the new region.

The region has a mix of sprawling countryside locations and contemporary cities.

Just as past regions were based on Japan (Kanto, Johto), Hawaii (Alola), and France (Kalos), Galar seems to take inspiration from the United Kingdom. The name could even suggest some medieval England underpinnings.

Pokemon Galar Region

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Starter Pokemon

Much like previous Pokemon games, Sword and Shield will feature three starter Pokemon, a Grass type, a Water type, and a Fire type.

The Grass starter is Grookey, a chimp Pokemon. The Fire starter is a Rabbit Pokemon called Scorbunny. Sobble rounds out the lineup as the Water start.


The starters don’t get many points for originality, but with now over 800 Pokemon (and more new Pokemon to come) it’s hard to keep things fresh.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Gameplay

Not too much is known about the new gameplay features of Pokemon Sword and Shield, but it appears it’ll closely follow the formula of past Pokemon games.

Gym Leaders and the Pokemon League will return instead of the Island Challenges and Trial Captains of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

However, it seems gyms could be more of a spectacle. A brief clip in the trailer shows the Pokemon Trainer walking into a huge soccer-style stadium. Whether this will be a gym, the league or another feature is yet to be seen.

It also seems that Sword and Shield will return to the old style of battling with wild Pokemon as opposed to the catch-only features of Pokemon Let’s Go.

More information should come out soon. For now, you can check out all about the new Pokemon Switch game in the official Pokemon Direct and also the Pokemon Sword & Shield website.

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