The new mousesports roster has now been announced. Rumors on mousesports roster changes have been circulating for the past couple of weeks. Now, the changes are official. The announcement was made in a Twitter post. Here’s more on the new mousesports team.

New mousesports roster announced

Many teams have made changes since the IEM Katowice Major, but mousesports have made the biggest change yet.

The organization has brought in three new players to join ropz and chrisJ, who is now back in the roster. Oskar and sunNy are now out of the team and will look for new opportunities.

The official mousesports roster now consists of the following:

Karrigan will act as the in-game leader and coach for the team, which should add some structure to the new roster.

Frozen will add some much-needed firepower. The 16-year-old player from Slovakia has made big waves with a 1.17 rating.

Woxic comes to mousesports from HellRaisers. The Turkish player will likely be the main AWPer, taking over oskar’s previous role in the team.

Despite previously being kicked from the team, chrisJ is now back in the lineup. The Dutch player has now been with mousesports ever since 2013. Estonian rifler ropz also remains in the team as one of their most solid players.

Where will sunNy and oskar go?

As three new players make their way to the roster, two previous players are now out of the team.

sunNy responded to the changes in a Twitlonger post. He explains that there’s no bad blood between him and the team, and he’ll now take his time before he finds a new team.

Today it’s official, I decided to move to an inactive position in the mousesports starting lineup where I spent 587 days as active player, played in 7 finals, won 4 titles and had good people around me who I can call friends today. Interest has been shown, but I am taking my time to be sure what is gonna be my next commitment.

Previous rumors claimed sunNy may go to Cloud9 or ENCE, although it seems that now he may wait for further opportunities. Oskar also made a post to thank his former team.

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