The brand new LoL champion Neeko has now been revealed on the League of Legends website. Neeko is a shape-shifting chameleon that can disguise herself as an allied champion. The first Neeko skin has also been leaked and it appears to be a Neeko Snowdown skin. Here’s more on the new League of Legends champion.

New LoL Champion Neeko Abilities

The League of Legends website showed off some of Neeko’s moves and abilities.

Neeko’s passive move Inherent Glamour allows her to take on the form of an ally. Apparently, any damage given to or taken from enemies will turn her back, as will casting one of her spells.

She can disguise herself to get closer to enemies and cast Tangle-Barbs to trap them and Blooming Burst to deal damage. Neeko can also use Shapesplitter to create a clone and distract enemies. She can also use Pop Blossom to stun enemies while transforming back.

The ability to take on the form of other allies creates a lot of strategic opportunities. Foes will be taken off guard by melee heroes or distracted by junglers, while Neeko’s magic attacks take them off guard.

League of Legends Neeko Winter Skin

New League of Legends skin leaks from Reddit also show the first skin for Neeko. It’s a winter-themed skin as part of the Snow Day skin line.

The leaks also include Snow Day skins for Dr. Mundo, Yi, Soraka, and Twitch. Each skin will cost 1350 Riot Points and will likely be available for the Winter holidays.

The new skins and Neeko’s release will likely come with the annual Snowdown Showdown event. This usually starts around mid-December in line with the Winter Holidays.

In the meantime, League of Legends Patch 8.23 has rolled out, featuring some changes to champions like Aatrox, Lissandra, and Yorick. You can view the Patch 8.23 Notes here.

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