LEC Finals 2021 is almost upon us. Within just a few hours a new champion will be crowned.

Move over it won’t be either G2 Esports and Fnatic. There’s young blood in the European LoL scene now. Two teams never considered to be in with a shot of winning the LEC trophy will compete for the coveted title of the best in the continent.

Find out who all have defied the odds to reach the LEC Finals 2021 and learn about the schedule, teams, and our predicted winners!

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LEC Finals 2021 Schedule And Livestream Link

After a gruelling and intense 3 months of Tier 1 European LoL, we finally have the two teams who’ve made it into the finals. LEC Spring 2021 has seen some major upsets and we could’ve never foreseen them.

Tournament favorites G2 Esports have been sent packing by MAD Lions and Rogue, two teams that most pundits wouldn’t have bet on. MAD Lions and Rogue are now set to face each other off in the LEC Finals 2021.

The finals go live at 8:00 AM PT/ 11 AM ET/ 4 PM UK. You can watch the livestream here.

About The Teams In LEC Finals 2021

Most LoL fans expected the likes of G2 Esports and Fnatic in the finals. We, however, have two near-underdog teams who’ve never won it before looking to take the trophy home.

MAD Lions played well in LEC 2020 and reached the Worlds 2020. They couldn’t create a dent and left with a 19th-20th finish. There had been talks about the first finalist, MAD Lions, having a shot at at least a podium finish. However, nobody would’ve expected them to reach the finals, moreover by beating G2 Esports.

On the other hand, the second finalist made little noise to take it all. Rogue came first in the Group Stages of LEC Summer 2020. However, G2 Esports knocked them out in the lower bracket finals. At the LEC Spring 2021, they finished second in the Group Stages and equalled G2 Esports’ score in the process. Their moment of glory arrived when they avenged their LEC Summer 2020 loss by defeating G2 Esports in this tournament’s lower bracket finals.


Both the teams have been around the EU LoL scene for nearly 2 years or more but haven’t secured the limelight until now. Rogue and MAD Lions are looking to establish themselves in the scene and the fandom coming into the LEC Finals 2021.

Predicted Winners For The Tournament

LEC Spring 2021 has probably not turned out like anyone’s prediction. It perhaps follows that the finals too won’t be anyone’s to predict. Nevertheless, let’s take a quick look at both the teams and give it a shot.

First, their track records. MAD Lions as a team enter the LEC Finals 2021 with a slightly better record in the European leagues than ROGUE. MAD Lions’ roster also has more experience together as they’ve never had changes since November 2019. On the other hand, ROGUE underwent a few changes throughout 2020 too.

Now for a look at the first game they’ve played against each other at LEC Spring 2021. They met in the Group Stages on March 6th. In the draft, MAD Lions went for a controversial Ahri pick for their mid. In the early stages, MAD Lions were vicious in their lanes thanks to their Lilia pick. They also got an early advantage with 2 Dragon kills and a Rift Herald. They were also cruising down the mid lane at its back.

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Soon, after a quick team fight, they secured an Ocean Soul. However, one team fight near the Baron changed the entire pace of the game thanks to Rogue’s Odoamne and his insane heal. Soon enough, they took the game in their hands and marched down to the enemy Nexus. This match was also called the best of the week.

They met again in the Upper Bracket, this time with MAD Lions taking down Rogue with a 3-1. After Rogue took Game 1 of the series, MAD Lions turned up the heat and began their crusade to stay in the Upper Bracket.

Both the teams are now set to fight each other in the LEC Finals 2021 with an overall match score of 3-2 in favor of MAD Lions. For us, it looks evenly poised with anyone’s game to take. Nevertheless, we’d pick Rogue solely for the fire they brought out against G2 Esports in their last game.

Be sure to tune into LEC Finals 2021 because this one could go all 5 games!

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