Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is BAD!

I love Harry Potter. I love everything about it, the world, the books, the films and absolutely, the games. In fact, most of my 2001 Christmas was spent playing the first every Harry Potter game, which was disappointing.

And over the years, while the books and the films just got better and better, the games were always a little… meh. I mean it was cool to be playing Harry Potter, but it was never quite what I wanted.

Really, what we all wanted was not to have the burden of having to defeat Voldemort so we could concentrate on learning at Hogwarts. So, when the trailer for the mobile game Harry Potter: Mystery at Hogwarts was released, I thought finally! We’ve got a JRPG inspired game that is coming to mobile.

Sure, it is only mobile, but it is better than nothing, right?

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So, when the game was finally released last week, I eagerly downloaded it and had fun for the first 30 minutes. That was until I ran out of energy… I was in the middle of a charms lesson so decided, oh I’ll buy some – maybe £10 worth will keep me going for the next couple of weeks.

Little over 20 minutes later and I was out of energy again and was asked to put more money into the game or wait for over an hour and a half before it refills. I had some in-game currency to use, so I used that to get my energy back. THEN, I was asked to use more in-game currency to open a specific part of the main storyline and had three hours to do so.

Harry Potter and the Pay2Play Game

Okay, so free-to-play models usually don’t bother me that much. I can really take or leave cosmetic items and when I see people in some fancy clothes don’t really make me want to buy them. However, when you have to splash out money to simply play the game correctly, it grinds my gears.

As a big fan, I would have happily paid £10 if I could just play the game how it is meant to be played. I probably would have chipped in a little more for any cool cosmetic stuff. However, when a game is asking for hoards of galleons for something that has little to no interactivity, you must be joking.

Unless they release a newer version or a full paid for version, I would avoid at all costs.

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