If you like free battle royale games like Fortnite, you might want to check out Warface. The tactical team-based PC FPS by Crytek is now coming to PS4 and Xbox One, complete with new updates and a Battle Royale mode.

The game was officially released for PlayStation 4 today. It’s available to download in the PlayStation Store.

How to play Warface for free on PS4

To play the free FPS/battle royale game on PS4, all you have to do is head to the PlayStation store and download it for free.

A variety of game modes are included, whether you want to play on your own or competitively. The PvE mode allows you to take on co-op missions with a partner. More will be added as time goes on via DLC.

You can also play multiple PvP modes. Team Deathmatch lets you practice your aim on 19 different maps, while ‘Plant the Bomb’ sees you attacking or defending a bomb site, similar to CS:GO. Battle Royale mode involves scavenging for weapons and loot to be the last man standing.

Other game modes include Free For All, Blitz, Capture, and Storm. You can also upgrade your skins and weapons via the Warface PS4 Starter Packs. More content set to come in the upcoming months.

Warface on Xbox One and PC

Xbox One players can also try out Warface for free. While the full game hasn’t been released for Xbox One yet, it’s available to anyone for open beta testing.

You can also download Warface on Steam, although you’ll need to download the free Battle Royale game separately.

Crytek plans to keep the game fresh with new DLC packs as time goes on. If you enjoy tactical FPS and battle royale games, this could be one of the best upcoming esports games to play.

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