Ever wondered what the fastest ultimate in Overwatch was? Well, we reckon it might be this!

Getting a Play of the Game on Overwatch can be pretty easy. In fact, there have been many times I’ve seen players get one for two pretty poor kills.

Even I am guilty of this, getting like a two-hit Dragonstrike on the objective – and that being enough for PoTG. Unless you are in competitive, the likelihood is that you will see plenty of these lame plays – especially if they are using Hammond.

However, there are some occasions where the Play of the Game is actually fantastic and gets us all sorts of excited to try a hero out. Well, this is precisely what happened when Reddit user CatzwithNoMSG showed his play with Orisa.

Mini Graviton

Saw this on Reddit a couple times, thought I would share mine from Overwatch


While playing competitive on Volskaya Industries, Catz pulled off this outrageous team kill using Orisa’s Halt. As one commentator pointed out, the timing required to pull this off is incredibly difficult to nail down. Another one noted that Catz was able to get his ultimate in just three seconds, which might be the fastest in Overwatch history…

Was it the fastest ultimate in Overwatch? We think it could be!

One thing is for sure though; we will be giving this a go to see if we can get our ultimates in under three seconds.

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