Fortnite teams of 20 are coming and we cannot wait.

Getting the win in a solo, duo or squad is great in Fortnite, especially when you take it seriously. When that happens, you do find you get way more wins, but is it the most fun you can be having?

Well, if you do take the BR a bit more serious than usual, you can always get involved in the excellent limited time modes. In the past, there has been 50v50, ‘splodes only and even all gold weapons which have all been great fun.

Apparently amazing new weapons are coming to Fortnite in the future

And now there is a team limited game mode in the form of Teams of 20, which is exactly as it sounds. Five teams of 20 face off, with the last one alive being the winner. This does seem a bit more fun than 50v50 which could get a little dull if you ended up without much loot or even worse, unable to find opponents.

As you can imagine Twitter was very quick to react with their opinions on the new game mode, weighing in on if they thought it would be good or not.

Here are some of the best reactions to Fortnite teams of 20:

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