Tilted Towers meteor could be exactly what we need to improve Fortnite.

Epic has introduced a lot of things to Fortnite, and most of them have been great. However, there has been one introduction that has divided players; Tilted Towers.

Out of the 100 players that join a game, the majority of players will end up landing in the towered nightmare. Since its inclusion, the whole pacing of the game has been, well tilted in favour of those who land near the location and those that land elsewhere.

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However, it appears that we’re finally going to be seeing the back of Titled thanks to a massive meteor that is set to hit it. How do we know this? Well thanks to Reddit, of course! Players on console have noticed their controllers rumbling a pattern which is apparently morse code for; “SOS D5 418“.


Fortnite conspiracy theory

What does that mean then? Well, D5 is the square that tilted is in, and people believe that the end will happen at some point during April, potentially the 18th. Oh, and if you have eyes, you have probably noticed a whole load of telescopes and a big ol’ meteor looking thing in the sky.

Data miners have gone through the game – presumably like a scene from Hackers – and Fortnite hasn’t put anything in the game saying otherwise.

So should we be excited by the Tilted towers meteor? Yes, yes is the answer, the sooner the better!

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