Competitive Fortnite? Not until these are fixed…

All the seeds have basically been sown for Fortnite to become a competitive esports title.

However, as we all know, you can’t force something to become a competitive game, even if it is one of the most popular around.

Saying that though, basically everything is set in place for Fortnite to become an immensely popular title, but there are a few things that Epic will need to change before that happens.

via Epic Games

Despite the games competitive base not being set yet, teams have already recruited several players, with TSM snapping up some of the best Fortnite streamers around.

And we will be absolutely seeing some competitive tournaments in the coming year or so but to make the game as balanced as possible, the devs need to make some tweaks to their game.

So here are three of the most important

Fix Double pumping

A huge issue with Fortnite at the moment is players using the double pump exploit when it close-range battles.

Not only does this give them a massive advantage but basically allows them to win just about every battle – as long as their aim is good.

The basic principle is you have two pump or tac shotguns, fire one shot and quickly switch to the next shotgun and fire so you can shoot two powerful shots in basically the time your opponent can get one off.

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While the exploit is there and anyone can use it – there isn’t really that much that you’re sacrificing.

You lose one item slot but gain the huge advantage when going into any close-range battle.

While competitive competitions, players could obviously use a code of honour and simply not double pump but it’s still unfair in casual play.

Thankfully, Eric Williamson from the Fortnite dev team has revealed they are working on a fix, however, no ETA has been given.

Right side advantage

You might not have noticed this one, but once you have you’ll never stop.

In fact, it totally changes the way that you have to play; especially when you’re in a situation where building is not a viable option.

Basically, if you look at your character, you’re not actually centred on the screen, so if you’re engaging with a player with cover to the left of you, you can peak and barely give any of your body as a target.

It might not sound like a huge issue but unless the opponent is a complete potato and whiffs every shot, you’re probably going to die.

The thing with this is that it is such a simple fix…simply add the ability to switch shoulders like you can in games like H1Z1 and PUBG.

The other fix would be to implement a first-person mode – something which has been talked about by the dev team for a while now.

Balance the landing zones

Personally, the introduction of Tilted Towers might just be one of the worse things added to the game.

Maybe I’m just salty simply because every time I go, I usually end up getting a few kills and then die and then get tilted… huh maybe that’s why it’s called that!

Anyway, the balance of loot at Tilted compared to even once popular spots such as Anarchy Acres, Fatal Fields or even Loot Lake is insane.

I mean, if the game is just going to devolve into the majority of people are landing in the same place.

The dev team has revealed that there will be putting in more loot drops – which possibly should help with more passive or non-titled players out.

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