Worried where to land in Fortnite? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Your favourite streamers and YouTubers may like landing in Tilted Towers over and over again, but let’s be honest, that place is horrible.

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Especially if you’re new to the game, you really don’t want to spend longer in the loading lobby than you do in an actual match. So you could probably do with some points on where to land and even if you are an experienced Fortnite player, you may find somewhere new to explore.

I’ll be judging the places on their loot, popularity and the chances of you being miles away from the first circle.

So here are some alternative places on where to land in Fortnite:

1. Shifty Shafts

Ok, so this one is right NEXT to Tilted Towers but I can promise you it is not as hectic as that place. There are usually three to four chests, shield potions and plenty of weapons laying around.

Now, because it is near Tilted, you will expect to come across players – even on landing, but if you time your jumps right, you should be able to get a much-needed shotgun from the start and then it’s up to you to go ‘huge’. You may think that landing somewhere that is somewhat populated is a bad thing, but it will not only improve your game, but you will also be pretty kitted out for that rather terrifying mid-game.

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There are two houses close to the shafts – usually with chests and then you can push towards the gallows/petrol station to the south which again has decent loot.

Don’t let all the people jumping put you off though, they’re probably all off to die at Tilted.

And finally, the first circle usually is around Titled or at least nearby so landing here should leave you with no problem when it comes to the storm.

2. Junk Junction

From highly populated and close to the first circle to the complete polar opposite.

If you’re new to the game and just want somewhere relatively quiet to come, explore and maybe get a few kills, then Junk Junction is a decent shout.


Like most named areas, there is usually a good abundance of chests, but there is one more valuable resource…metal. I mean, it is a junkyard after all so if you’re the kind of player who loves accumulating materials, then this place is great.

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Close by there is the chateau which again has some good chest spawns and a good resource for brick. If you continue south-south-east from there, you’ll end up close to Pleasant Park and hopefully pick off some stragglers.

All sounds good, right? Well, unfortunately, the first circle very rarely has Junk Junction in it, but if you time things well, then you can easily make it even if it spawns miles away.

Oh, and there is a fully editable llama which also has good loot it in… If that doesn’t convince you where to land in Fornite, then I’m not sure what will?

3. Moisty Mire

Very similar to Junk Junction really, only change the metal abundance to wood – possibly the best resource simply because it builds faster.

Very few people actually land here despite the fact that there are at least three chests here, as well as loot in every hollowed tree stump. If you’re lucky, then you can actually get two chests in the tree house, three at a large tree in the middle of the swamp and another in the basement of a building just north of it.

If you land here, you should easily be with 50% shield and have over 500 wood. In fact, if the circle is kind, you could just harvest the entire mire and end up with so much wood you won’t know what to do with it.

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Coming out of the Mire, you have both the prison and Fatal Fields to the west and Retail Row to the north. Again, along the way there are plenty of houses and shacks with chests.

The great thing about Moisty Mire is it works for both passive and aggressive play styles.

You can smartly work your way around the storm, moving into it late and constantly building with your massive amounts of material.

Or you can gather materials and then push into the prison or Retail Row to pick off anyone – as long as you can build.

Good luck hunting, now you know where to land in Fornite

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