Fortnite is easily one of the most popular games in the world right now, not only in player count but it’s popularity on Twitch.

Epic revealed early last week that there are currently more than 3.4million concurrent players on the game – in fact, so many are playing it that Epic servers can barely handle it.

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The numbers on Twitch have also been incredibly high, with Fortnite briefly beating out the likes of PUBG, Overwatch and Dota2 for the most watched games.

And this had led to us being able to watch some of the most entertaining and best Fortnite players around – who are getting huge kill games, building like maniacs and making us laugh as well.

Three of the best Fortnite players around:


He ticks all the boxes to be honest. Entertaining, excellent high kill games and he’s not too shabby at building either.

A former competitive Halo player, Ninja aka Tyler Blevins, currently has more than 1.6 million followers on Twitch and pulls in more than 40,000 concurrent viewers at any one time.

Recently, he has been putting out incredible high kill games, basically ruining the curve for just about anyone else – who manages to get a 30kill game on their own in squads?!

When he’s not doing the unthinkable on the game, he’s joking around, trolling and pulling off some rather impressive dance moves in his downtime.

You come for the gameplay but you really do stay for the personality.


Easily the best builder in the game currently and it actually makes me ill just thinking about how good he is.

He may not have the biggest following at the moment, but since Fortnite’s popularity has boomed, he has seen his numbers shoot up as well.

This could be thanks in part to some insane clips of him outbuilding just about everyone and their grandma going viral.

In fact, Myth has had some epic battles with the likes of Summit1g, Ninja and Daequan and basically made them look like complete chumps.

Recently, he was snapped up to be TSM’s captain for their competitive Fortnite team. Not bad for an 18-year-old, huh?

Oh and he’s managed to pick up 1,113 wins in solos… I just feel bad about myself now.


If you’re looking for the best of the best, quite literally, then look no further than this man.

He is top of the tree when it comes to solo wins and he makes it look oh so easy.

According to the Fortnite leaderboards, Svennos has managed to win an astonishing 1,236 games from just 1,950 games.

A truly ridiculous number considering the likes of Myth has won 1,113 from 3,281.

Despite being the best player on Fortnite, he currently only has 21,000 followers on Twitch, but there is no doubt that this Dutch streamer will blow up any day now.

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