Have you ever played Fortnite and suddenly died, with no idea how?

Well, it could very well be all thanks to a Fortnite building glitch; one that has apparently been in the game since the first day of release. Incredibly, Epic Games have not yet made changes to how this potentially game-breaking exploit works.

So what is the glitch?

Well, it wasn’t until pro-player Liquid StrafeSh0t released a video on Twitter showing the bug that I had any idea about it. You simply edit a pyramid diagonally, and you can then shot through the top of it without it taking any damage. More importantly, enemies can’t shoot you back.

Is it a problem?

Yes, clearly. If you catch someone off guard, then you have a complete advantage over them. Though in a 1v1 fight, you will be weak to explosives, and other flanking players; the fact that you can shoot without your head showing is very unfair.

Will it get fixed?

Well, despiteLiquid StrafeSh0t’s video being released earlier this week – and the fact that it has been a problem since day one – it wasn’t included in the latest patch.

For science (and because I’m a scumbag) I tried it last night and it still works; allowing me to get three very easy kills.

The likelihood is now that a pro-player has gained some exposure to the video and some more players will start using it, Epic will jump in and fix it. They do have a good track record of patching game-breaking bugs; such as the recent shopping cart one.

Will I get banned if I try it?

Though it’s an exploit, we’d say it’s unlikely. Epic Games will crackdown on most serious exploits and cheating, however, this glitch has been in the game since day one.

Potentially there is a moral debate on whether or not it is fair; but if you are like me and just want any and every advantage then go ahead…

If you think you can look yourself in the mirror and be okay with it, that is.

How can I counter it?

If some jerk (aka me) is using this exploit, there are a few things that you can do to counter them.

Explosives would be an obvious choice, but the stink bomb might be the better option. This goes through buildings, so if they keep shooting then they will lose up to 90 damage.