So, which are the celebrities who play Fortnite?
It is a little weird how Fortnite has gone from living in PUBG’s shadow to now becoming insanely popular.

In fact, it has been so popular that not only have every streamer under the sun has jumped on the bandwagon for that sweet Twitch $$$.

However, it also turns out that some other faces in public have also been drawn into the game – probably thanks to the great skins and rather epic dance moves.

So who are these famous faces? Well, we’ve managed to find who are apparently big Fortnite fans.

1. Joe Jonas

Yep, that bloke from the band your sister probably liked in 2009. However, I’ve got a lot more time for Joe Jonas and his brothers since I found out that he’s a big fan of Fortnite.

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He posted on Twitter to his more than 10million followers that people could play with him – giving out a rather incredible gamertag…CrackedPig8153.

Weird, right?

2. Finn Wolfhard

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Stranger things have happened than this…Come on now you know that was BRILLIANT! Anyway, of course, he plays Fortnite, I mean he’s only 15, so he’s going to have some serious reactions.

In fact, a couple of months ago he was streaming it on Twitch along with his brother to over 40,000 people.

As one of the first noted celebrities who play Fortnite, he might just be our favourite.

3. Patrick Bamford

I mean, the previous two are like top-tier celebrities, but do they play for Middlesbrough? Nope, no they do not! However, unlike the other two who I can believe are decent players, Bamford is apparently anything but.

In fact, he recently celebrated with his team-mates by ‘going down’ and begging for a revive… Fantastic.

Possibly the worst of the celebrities who play Fortnite? Yeah, probably.

4. Josh Hart

This LA Lakers rookie’s commitment it Fortnite is so much that he might have got the best shoes I have ever seen.

Seriously, look at those beauties!

And just like Finn Wolfhard, Hart has started his a Twitch channel, which already has close to 1000 followers.

Well worth a watch if you, a: like basketball or b: like Fortnite.

5. Chance the Rapper

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I mean, who doesn’t love Chance the Rapper? And learning that he is a big Fortnite fan, makes me like him even more.

In fact, he loves Fortnite so much that he even wants it to make the jump to the Nintendo Switch – which would be…interesting.

Anyway, if you’ve got him on Instagram, then you’ll know he’s always posting videos and pictures of him playing.

Of all the celebrities who play Fortnite, I think I’d like to play with him the most.

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