The Fortnite weapon switching bug is one of the most annoying things we have seen in the game.

Epic Games will keep telling us that Fortnite is still actually in Beta and isn’t complete yet.

However, everyone else will tell you that there are a lot of problems with the game, from general mechanics to a terrible meta. While Epic has solved problems with poor building mechanics, the shooting and weapon switching is still yet to be sorted.

Thankfully, SypherPK has paid attention to this problem and hopefully Epic will take notice of it too. So what is the problem? Well, basically, if you hold down your fire button, then switch between two weapons, the fire rate on one will stop or slow down. This has been a serious problem, with it feeling like weapons can jam.

During one of his live streams, SypherPK showed just how bad this problem was.

Fortnite gun jamming

The first test is I’m going to hold down left click the entire time and I’m just going to swap between my SMG and AR. So, hold down left click.”

Oh, that’s so weird! How come it stopped shooting the SMG after like a few swaps? Then it stopped shooting the AR right there, look. I’m pressing down and it’s not shooting. It’s not consistent, you see?”

As you can see, there is a lot of inconsistency with the fire rate and swapping. With Epic looking to make Fortnite an esport and having pushed the prevalence of the spray and pray meta, it’s far from ideal.

Hopefully, Epic will take notice of it and look to fix the problems before they push out any more tournaments such as the upcoming Twitch Rivals Summer Skirmish event.

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