The Port-a-Fort has been in the Fortnite meta for 24 hours now, so are they that good?

Well, thankfully due to the RNG gods being on my side for once, I managed to come across loads of them last night. In fact, at one point my friend and I had three each.

That being said, are they really worth the item slot when you can just build quickly, especially on PC? Well, after using them in pretty much every match last night for a good two hours, I can confirm that; they’re ok.

‘It is broken!’ What Twitter thinks of Fortnite’s noob friendly port-a-fort

The main problem with them is that if someone is smart enough to shoot the bottom, you will die unless – you’re pulling off some amazing building to save yourself. Also, the way the building is at the top really leaves you exposed to any half-decent sniper. Those weird protruding stairs were exactly how players use to build bases very early into the game’s release.

Contrary to this, many players have shared their opinions on social media about the port-a-fort being ‘OP’ and game breaking. However, there are so many downsides to having a port-a-fort that it is one of the more well-balanced items to have been released in recent times.

For starters, you’re giving up an inventory slot for something which you can quickly do; build. You either have to pass up something like shields or healing, for this fort – which in my opinion isn’t worth it. Then there is the health of the building itself; it takes a long time to get to max. Which again is another good way to balance it and allows for plays to attack it quickly.

Overall, it is a decent addition but nothing that is game breaking.

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