Yeah, Fortnite’s heavy shotgun is a little OP…

Remember the double-pump pandemic that swept through Fortnite a few months ago? Yeah, that was a little broken and meant pretty much any close-range battle you got in would be decided on who had double pumps.

However, thankfully that was nerfed, and it allowed the rest of us mere mortals to stand a chance. That was until this past Thursday when the heavy shotgun was introduced to the game.

Watch the Fortnite heavy shotgun in action and see its stats

Unfortunately, the guys over at Epic forgot to add a mechanic. If you have two of the new shotguns, you can still switch between them extremely quickly and fire two shots before opponents have finished scratching their nuts.

Now, this has become a bit of an issue, especially with just how powerful the weapon is already. It has crazy range and damage, as well as an incredibly fast fire rate.

As you can imagine, plenty of people are annoyed at not only the effectiveness of a single weapon, but because having two of them seems a little game breaking.

Here is what people are saying on twitter about how broken the Fortnite heavy shotgun is.



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