So, there is now a Ninjas in Pyjamas Fortnite team and it looks pretty strong!

Esports side Ninjas in Pyjamas have confirmed their Fortnite esports team after hinting yesterday.

The post showed one of the games legendary llamas on a Counter-Strike map, all but suggesting that they will be starting their own team.

And now NiP are joining the likes of TSM, Liquid, Luminosity, NRG, FaZe, and Fnatic who all have pro-teams. In a post on their website, the Swedish esports team revealed that they have ventured into the competitive Fortnite world.

“We have been on the sideline observing the phenomenon of Fortnite, eager to enter the scene,” said Hicham Chanine, CEO.

As it is still early days, we have been doing some work in understanding the scene and how to get involved the best way possible. The signing of four talented european players and helping them grow, is our first step in what is hopefully going to be a fun endeavour!”

Who have they signed?

The revealed four new players: Anastasios “Yung” Timpanidis, Dean “Cringe” Lawrence, Patrick “Xited” Heiberg, Max “Goofy” Rosenlind.

Interestingly, the four players will form two duos team, with Cringe and Yung and then Xited and Goofy but in the online post, it mentions that they are confident that players from Sweden, Denmark and Belgium will “do wonders for them”.

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