Fortnite Season 4 leaker gives his side of the story.

The former Quality Assurance Tester who leaked Season 4 files has released his defence following legal action taken by Epic Games for breach of a non-disclosure agreement.

These files contained details about the meteor that hit Dusty Depot and Tilted Towers; finding their way onto the likes of Reddit. Back in early April, there was quite a bit of mayhem surrounding the future of Tilted Towers.

Big reveal ruined

Epic believes these leaks caused an “irreparable injury”; one that could never be “fully compensated monetarily”, claiming it ruined the big reveal.

The QA tester involved is Thomas Hannah, who is alleged to have revealed information to a third-party. In a defence statement, Hannah claimed that he merely confirmed what the Reddit poster Adam DiMarco already knew.

via epic games

The 19-page statement is a bit of a whopper to get through, but there is a massive part of Hannah and DiMarco’s defence in which he claims to have never worked on, or had access to, Season 4.

However, Defendant categorically denies that DiMarco ever obtained from Defendant any additional information other than as already admitted in previous responses hereinabove of what Defendant actually did discuss with DiMarco because Defendant had no further such details.”

Specifically, Defendant never worked on, had access to, or ever had any knowledge or information regarding Season 4″.

The Fortnite Season 4 leaker also has claimed that it was a private conversation. Therefore, he had no control over where that information was released.

Though, the most significant point from all of this is that he broke a non-disclosure agreement. For that alone, Epic Games has a pretty strong case in court.

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